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Zsuzse's spring puppies have all sprung to their new owners.
An Airedale is always worth waiting for so people with patience
are welcome to contact me for information on a future pup.

For more information,

Suzanne Zwarun at 403-279-5815

Summer celebrated St. Patrick's Day (2020)by giving birth
to her puppies.

Elinor's 2020 Spring puppies on their first road trip.
Handled it like they had been travelling all their lives.

Santa's little helpers

Toni's Fall 2017 litter

Toni's 2016 litter



The above photos by: Madeleine Guenette

Pippin's 2015 litter
two weeks old

three weeks old

Tuppence's 2013 newborns, 2 to 24 hours old.

Tuppence's 2013 newborns, 48 hours old

Tuppence's 2011 Puppies at 14 days.

Ruby's 2007 puppys

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